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There is a lot of information for a given topic on the web. It is a non-trivial task for an individual to go through all the content available. It will be very useful if a system is available to process and bring a small portion of the information that can fulfill the needs of the user. Currently, their is no efficient system available to accomplish this task.

Jist is a system that is developed by Jasta Technologies to fulfill this task. Jist is a system that sits on the top of a search engine for online version.

Current approaches and their shortcomings

Jist is not only efficient but also effective.

Advantages of Jist

Jist Working

Input: Informative query
Output: Summary extracted for that query

Jist Versions


JistWeb sits on top of a search engine. JistWeb processes the top "n" documents retrieved by the search engine for a given query and generates summary

Fig.1 Input for JistWeb

Fig.2 Summary of JistWeb for "Summarise"(fixed-depth fixed-length summary)

Fig.3 Summary of JistWeb for "MultiSummarise"(multi-depth multi-length summary)

Jist Desktop

Jist Desktop, as the name specifies is a stand-alone application. It generates a summary for a given query by processing all the documents present in the specified folder

Fig.4 Input for JistDesktop(Here the input directory contains 30 text files)

Fig.5 Summary of JistDesktop